Audio/Video Transcription
& Translation


Ensuring End-to-End Accuracy

Our clients receive a complete view of their video/audio transcription and translation project, including identification of each speaker and inclusion of on-screen text. Multiple rounds of quality control ensure that the experience of the viewer/listener aligns with the original content.

Our rigorous process includes three steps. First, our expert linguists transcribe the material in the native language. We then translate the native-language transcription to the target language. We provide a final Word translation, along with the original native transcription, to the client at the completion of the project.

Our experience includes training videos, marketing videos, corporate announcements/addresses, commercials, documentaries, instructional e-learning programs and workplace safety videos, among others.

1. Our expert linguists transcribe the material in the native language

2. A translation to the target language is then performed on the native-language transcription

3. A Final Word translation along with the native-language transcription is provided upon product completion.