Interpreting Services


Expert In More Than 200 Languages And Dialects

We create a reliable, customized solution for ongoing and long-term requirements. Our interpreting services are available across the U.S. in the locations our clients choose, including conferences, offices, legal trials, corporate events, seminars, meetings, and to guide international travelers. We staff every assignment with high-quality, vetted interpreters who are courteous, responsive, and dependable. They are trained in interpretation skills, specific industry practices and terminologies. Each engagement is overseen by an interpretation manager who observes and oversees assignments.

We service the medical, technology, education, legal and financial industries. Our legal clients engage us for depositions, trials, hearings and negotiations.

We offer multiple types of interpreting services to meet the needs of our clients.

Consecutive Interpretation

In one-on-one or small group settings, Quality Translations presents consecutive interpretation services in over 200 languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Used most often for large meetings or conferences and/or environments where two or more languages are required, simultaneous interpretation is a more strenuous and complex process than consecutive interpretation.

Over-the-Phone and Video Interpretation

Available in over 200 languages, over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) enables our clients to overcome any language barrier in seconds. Quality Translations handles calls in our U.S.-based call center in New York, NY. Our web-based video system allows remote video translation anywhere in the world in real time.